LINGERING Night Dinner featuring with NORI Catering

LINGERING Night Dinner featuring with NORI Catering

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The Lingering night featuring with Nori Catering

Date: 29/06/2024, Saturday
Time: 17:00 – 21:00
Courses: 7courses (Plant-based)
Location: Veldkersweg 27, 3053 JR Rotterdam

Note: Reservations close on 15th of June due to Koji preparation. If you have a gluten allergy, please inform us when registering for the event.

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    The LINGERING night
    7 course Japanese fermentation dinner, summer edition, by @Nori and Choro on 29th June, Sat at studio of @Choro Koji fermentation
    Nori and Choro have been talking about a general dish of a plant based diet and a fact that it needs to be in consideration with texture and more rich flavor. Our question was why don’t we make it happen?
    Will you join this 7 course dinner taking you into several rich textures and depth with umami?
    You can experience the pleasant texture from the ingredients you’ve never expected and at the same time be comforted with a subtle balance of five flavors: sweetness, bitterness, sourness, savory, and umami.  Definitely we highlight that there is no added sugar and no MSG. All flavors will be created by TIME, MICROBES, SALT, and GRAIN/LEGUMES.
    The course features seasonal ingredients curated by @Nori, who owned Japanese-style deli restaurants in Mexico for 13 years and now operates a catering company in Rotterdam. And complemented by special seasonings and twisted textures created by @Choro Koji. The course will be made expertise to craft vibrant plant-based dishes that harmonize color, texture, and flavor. Together, Nori’s unique dishes and Choro Koji’s special seasonings create a culinary experience like no other, showcasing the perfect blend of tradition and modern.
    Since some dishes are made from a residue of fermented products, this event is suitable for those who are willing to explore a new culinary world.
    We shall make the LINGERING night in terms of memory and taste bud.


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