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Miso, Soy sauce, Amazake, Shio koji, Shoyu koji

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Koji creates sustainable world

- For Our Future and Planet -

We harmonizes the fermentation technology that has been passed down from ancient Japan to the present day. Our products are organic, pesticide-free, and additive-free. Feel the power of homemade raw koji that exerts high enzyme power.


We use the grains within the Netherlands or EU countries and sell the fermented seasoning also based on the weight in the market and several stores.

100% Plant-Based

No animal products are used in our products.

No additives

If we optimize the ability of microbes, the seasonings do not require any additives to add flavor or taste. So we sticks to natural fermentation.

All Organic

Grain needs healthy soil and the healthy soil leads to a better future planet for the next generation.


Miso, Soy Sauce, Amazake, Sake are all made from koji

- You are what you eat -

We have some types of koji products, such as Miso, Amazake, Shio koji, Shoyu koji, and so on.
These seasonings make dishes rich taste and get cooking easy.

Shio Koji - Shoyu Koji

塩麹 - 醤油麹

Shio Koji: Versatile seasoning made from koji, salt, and water. Shoyu Koji: Flavourful blend of koji and soy sauce.



Miso adds a rich umami flavor to a variety of dishes, including soups, sauces, and marinades.



It is rich in nutrients and has a smooth, creamy texture. Enjoy it chilled or warm as a delicious and healthy drink.

Koji Products Recipes

- For sustainable world -

Discover the magic of koji in our delicious and easy-to-follow recipes! Koji, a traditional Japanese ingredient made from fermented rice, is known for its unique ability to enhance flavors and add depth to a wide range of dishes.

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