Miso Workshop

Welcome to the world of Miso-making!

Dive into a rich tradition that has nourished Japan for centuries, now right here in the heart of Rotterdam. Our Miso Workshop takes you on a journey from the humble soybean to the exquisite complexity of fermented miso. Discover the art of koji-making, a process integral to Japanese cuisine, and learn the secrets behind creating your own miso at home. No experience? No problem. Our workshops are designed to engage and inspire everyone from beginners to seasoned food lovers. Join us and bring home not just a jar of your own handcrafted miso, but a piece of Japanese culinary heritage. Book your spot now and let’s ferment together!

Why Miso workshop?

While it’s true that countless miso recipes exist online, many only scratch the surface when it comes to understanding the true art and science of miso-making. More than just a recipe, miso-making is an engaging and sensory experience that embraces the use of all five senses. It’s also a chance to appreciate the vital role that microorganisms play in our lives.
At our workshop, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of miso, starting with the foundation: fresh koji. You’ll explore the process from koji to miso, gaining hands-on experience and knowledge that goes far beyond what can be learned from a recipe on a screen.


What will you learn in our miso workshop?

Master the Basics: Dive into Miso's Rich World

Acquire essential knowledge of Miso and the pivotal role of Koji in our insightful lecture.

Savor the Flavors: A Miso and Koji Tasting Adventure

Experience a diverse array of Miso and Koji products, broadening your palate through our guided tasting session.

Hands-on Experience: Create Your Own Miso

Blend theory with practice as you craft your own Miso, experiencing firsthand the traditional art of Japanese fermentation.

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