Cheesy Tofu


About recipe

Unique Flavor Profile: Our Cheesy Tofu is an exquisite culinary experience. The tofu, marinated in a special blend of Shiro (White) Miso and Shio Koji, develops a tantalizing cheese-like flavor over time. This not only adds a depth of taste but also introduces the rich ‘Umami’ – the fifth taste that is deeply savory and satisfying.

Fermentation Magic: The fermentation process is key to unlocking the complex flavors in this dish. As the tofu rests in the marinade, it undergoes a transformation, absorbing the intricate flavors of the miso and shio koji. This results in a texture and taste reminiscent of a soft, delicate cheese.

Versatile and Lasting: Once ready, this Cheesy Tofu can be a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire. It lasts for a week, making it a perfect make-ahead ingredient for various dishes. Slice it for salads, grill it for a smoky touch, or simply enjoy it as a standalone delicacy.

A Journey of Flavors: Every bite of this Cheesy Tofu takes you on a journey – from the traditional koji-making streets of Japan to the familiar comfort of a cheese platter. It’s more than just a recipe; it’s an experience of flavors, cultures, and the magic of fermentation.

Indulge in this unique, umami-rich Cheesy Tofu and transform your meals into an exploration of global tastes and timeless culinary techniques.



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