Plant-Based Tantan Ramen


About recipe

This tantalising Plant-Based Tantan Ramen is more than just a visual treat with its kaleidoscope of vibrant colours—it’s a culinary symphony, a perfect blend of unique flavours and nutrients. Simple to prepare, the dish hits all the right notes by combining the natural umami from Choro Koji Fermentation’s miso and Shio Koji with the crunchiness of Buckwheat Tempeh from Rotterdam-based Clark Fermentation. To add that final kick, we also infuse a drop of Chilli oil from Trouble and Spice. So, you’re not just enjoying a delicious meal but also experiencing the best of international artisanal food craftsmanship. Fermentation often adheres to the ‘less is more’ philosophy, and this dish exemplifies just that—each ingredient standing strong, yet harmonising perfectly in the bowl. Ready to try your hand at this culinary masterpiece?

Ingredients / For 1 person


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