Dried Rice Koji for Miso and Shio Koji / 300g

Dried Rice Koji for Miso and Shio Koji / 300g

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Elevate your culinary creations with our Dried Koji, a versatile and essential ingredient that promises to unlock a world of flavors in your kitchen. Perfect for those who cherish the art of traditional Japanese cooking, our Dried Koji enables you to craft an array of homemade delicacies like Miso and Shio Koji.

Our conscious sourcing policy is reflected in our quality ingredients:

・Short grain rice from Italy (supplier: Koro)
・Authentic Koji spores directly imported from Japan (Hishiroku/Akitakonno)

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    Introducing our premium Dried Rice Koji, a fundamental ingredient for traditional Japanese fermentation at home. Dried Koji is Koji that has been dehydrated, removing moisture to preserve its fermenting properties. This versatile product allows you to create your own homemade Miso and Shio Koji (salt Koji), right in the comfort of your kitchen.

    To ensure the highest quality and flavor of your dried Koji, it is crucial to store it properly. Avoid places that are high in temperature and humidity, as these conditions can alter the taste and quality of the Koji. Instead, opt for a cool, dark place such as a pantry or refrigerator. Due to its dehydrated nature, dried Koji is prone to absorbing moisture, so we recommend using a tightly sealed container for storage.

    By choosing our Dried Rice Koji, you’re embarking on a culinary journey, enabling endless possibilities for crafting authentic, flavorful, and healthful Japanese fermented foods at home. Elevate your cooking with the rich, umami-packed essence of Koji, all while ensuring your creations are of the highest quality.


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