Hands-On Miso Crafting Session in November

Hands-On Miso Crafting Session in November

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Hands-On Miso Crafting Session

Date: 03/11/2024, Sunday
Time: 13:00 – 14:30
Agenda: Brief lecture followed by Hands-On Miso Making.
Miso Paste Pricing: Varies based on chosen quantity.

  • 1kg: €25
  • 2kg: €50
  • 3kg: €75

Select your preferred type of Koji grains (Rice, Barley, or Buckwheat) at the event.
Capacity: Limited to 15 participants.
Location: Veldkersweg 27, 3053 JR Rotterdam
What to Bring: please bring your own jar and a towel.
The size of the jar depends on the amount of miso you plan to make:

  • 1 kg of miso: Bring a jar that holds at least 1.2 L.
  • 2 kg of miso: Bring a jar that holds at least 2.2 L.
  • 3 kg of miso: Bring a jar that holds at least 3.2 L.

These jar sizes ensure that there is sufficient space for your miso to ferment properly. Thank you for preparing accordingly!
Note: Reservations close on 27th of October due to Koji preparation.

Choose the quantity of Miso Paste you wish to make at the event below:

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Dive into the world of traditional Japanese cuisine with our exclusive “Hands-On Miso Crafting Session.”
Unlike our regular workshops, this special event focuses solely on the practical experience of miso making, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the craft without the lectures.
You’ll have the unique opportunity to customize your creation, choosing from 1kg, 2kg, or 3kg of miso paste.
Further personalize your miso paste by selecting the type of Koji: Rice, Barley, or Buckwheat.
This hands-on session is perfect for those looking to deepen their understanding of miso making and take home a sizable portion of their very own artisanal miso.
Join us for a day of fun, learning, and miso mastery!

Miso Paste Quantity

1kg, 2kg, 3kg


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