Buckwheat Miso

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Embark on a taste adventure with our Buckwheat Miso, fermented in traditional barrels. This mid to long period fermented paste delivers a rich umami profile balanced with fruity notes and a subtle sweetness from Buckwheat Koji. We offer two paste base options: Soybean and Chickpea, with availability varying between batches.

We adhere to a philosophy of conscious sourcing, which is reflected in our ingredients:

  • Buckwheat from the Netherlands  (supplier: Ekoto)
  • Soybeans from the Netherlands (supplier: NL-soja) or Chickpeas from the Netherlands (supplier: NL-soja)
  • Salt from France (supplier: Trad Y Sel)
  • Authentic Koji spores directly imported from Japan (Hishiroku/Akitakonno)

Taste the superior quality and unique flavor profile born from our commitment to local sourcing and traditional Japanese fermentation methods.

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    Product description

    Delight your senses with our Buckwheat Miso, a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. This fermented paste, carefully aged over a mid to long period, unveils a unique flavor experience. Each spoonful brings forward the rich umami taste balanced beautifully with the fruity undertones and a delicate sweetness drawn from the Buckwheat Koji.

    Versatile in its application, our Buckwheat Miso can be a game-changer in your kitchen. Think beyond soups and marinades – why not try it in a salad dressing, stir-fried vegetables, or even pasta? The possibilities are endless and exciting.

    Besides being incredibly tasty, our Buckwheat Miso also brings a host of health benefits. Rich in proteins and fibers, it’s a wonderful addition to a balanced diet. Moreover, the traditional fermentation process we adhere to enhances the natural nutrients, making them more accessible for your body to absorb.

    Choose our Buckwheat Miso for a unique twist to your meals, and step into a world of culinary delight and well-being. Taste the difference quality and care can make.

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