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Experience the rich umami flavor with a fruity twist and subtle sweetness, with our gluten-free, barrel-fermented Soy Sauce. This long-fermented liquid is a delightful blend of healthful ingredients sourced mindfully:

・Buckwheat from Germany, supplied by P&D, adds to the unique sweetness. ・Soybeans, from the Netherlands, supplied by Rechtreex. Starting this year, we are transitioning to nlsoya. Availability from the end of 2023. ・Salt from France, provided by VehGro, that enhances the overall taste. ・Authentic Koji spores, directly imported from Japan (Hishiroku/Akitakonno), which kick-start the fermentation process.

This tasteful symphony of ingredients creates a soy sauce that is not just gluten-free, but also adds a flavorful depth to your meals. With each drop, taste the global journey of our ingredients and the careful craft of fermentation.

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    Experience the enticing harmony of umami richness, subtle sweetness, and a fruity twist with our Gluten-Free, Barrel-Fermented Soy Sauce. Artfully crafted over a lengthy fermentation process, this sauce brings together unique flavors, offering a special addition to your culinary adventures.

    The hero of this blend, buckwheat from Germany, infuses a distinct sweetness and full-bodied texture. Its gluten-free attribute makes it a perfect choice for those with gluten intolerances or for anyone seeking a healthier option without compromising taste. The included soybeans provide a hearty umami backbone, while authentic koji spores initiate the fermentation process, enhancing the depth and complexity of flavor.

    This versatile sauce is a game-changer for a variety of dishes. Add a splash to your stir-fries for a touch of rich umami, drizzle over grilled meats for a sweet-savory contrast, or simply use as a dip for sushi or dumplings to elevate the dining experience. The sauce’s properties make it excellent for marinades, lending its flavors to your meats or veggies, creating tantalizing taste profiles. In addition, its umami richness makes it a brilliant addition to soups or stews, giving them a fuller, more rounded taste.

    Our gluten-free, barrel-fermented Soy Sauce not only enhances the flavor of your meals but also supports a well-rounded diet. Each drop is a testament to the fine balance between health and flavor. Elevate your cooking game today with this tasty, health-conscious choice.

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