Kome Miso (Soybean Base)

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Choro Koji’s Kome Miso: A traditionally crafted miso that adds rich umami depth to soups, marinades, and more. Experience authentic Japanese flavors!

We strive for a shortened supply chain, directly sourcing ingredients from local organic farmers and producers. Here’s the origin and supplier of our ingredients:

  • Short grain rice from Italy (supplier: Koro)
  • Soybeans from the Netherlands (supplier: NL-soya)
  • Salt from France (supplier: Trad Y Sel)
  • Authentic Koji spores directly imported from Japan (Hishiroku/Akitakonno)

Please note that our sourcing may change as we continue to explore direct contracts with local organic farmers. We’ll keep you updated on our progress!

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    Delve into the world of traditional Japanese cuisine with CHORO KOJI’s Kome Miso. This long-fermented soybean paste offers a rich, hearty taste that complements a variety of dishes. Sourced from top-quality ingredients, our Kome Miso has the perfect balance of umami and slight sweetness that is sure to enhance your meals. Perfect for soups, marinades, or simply adding depth to your favorite recipes. Start your culinary journey with Kome Miso and experience a taste of authentic Japanese fermentation right in your kitchen!


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