Kome Miso (Chickpea Base)

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Choro Koji’s Kome Chickpea Miso: A subtly sweet, nutty paste uniquely made from chickpeas and short-grain rice, diverging from traditional rice miso that typically uses soybeans. This product is SOY-FREE due to its use of chickpeas instead of soybeans, offering a distinctively gentle and milder and sweeter taste.

We strive for a shortened supply chain, directly sourcing ingredients from local organic farmers and producers. Here’s the origin and supplier of our ingredients:

  • Short grain rice from Italy (supplier: Koro)
  • Chickpeas from the Netherlands (supplier: Ekoto)
  • Salt from France (supplier: Trad Y Sel)
  • Authentic Koji spores directly imported from Japan (Hishiroku/Akitakonno)

Please note that our sourcing may change as we continue to explore direct contracts with local organic farmers. We’ll keep you updated on our progress!

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Discover the delightful twist on traditional rice miso with our unique blend, crafted from chickpeas and short-grain rice. Unlike the conventional soy-based miso, our Kome Miso based on Chickpea offers a subtly sweet and distinctly nutty flavor, thanks to the long-term fermentation process. Proudly soy-free, this paste is a testament to our dedication to innovation and quality. Uniquely crafted from fermented chickpeas rather than the traditional soybeans, this miso carries a gentler, sweeter profile compared to soy-based miso. It’s exceptionally versatile, acting as a delightful spread on bread or a creative addition to white sauces. It’s exceptionally versatile, acting as an ideal marinade for grilling vegetables and tofu, or as a flavorful addition to dressings and miso soups. Enjoy exploring the unique flavors it brings to your dishes.


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kome-chickpea-misoKome Miso (Chickpea Base)
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